Engaging Your Audience with Puzzling Fun

Engaging Your Audience with Puzzling Fun

By Kirsten Wreggitt, Puzzles for Good

Pokémon Go, Geocaching, the Amazing Race…adults, just like kids, love the thrill of the hunt and the intersection of puzzle solving and competition. Harnessing this engagement at your next event, product launch, or fundraiser will move your audience not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Puzzles for Good handcrafts a variety of word and number puzzles for events to do just that. Number puzzles can result in some GPS coordinates to send your audience to a new physical location for a lunchtime break or for a breakout session tour. Acrostic and cryptogram style word puzzles can be used to highlight quotes and give participants more time to ponder a point you want them to consider. And word search puzzles can be used to bring together the main points of a learning event into a fun task.

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