The Adventures of Buttercup

Moments Magazine writer Kristy Archibald had a conversation with Hip Image owner Jo Williams and found out why booking a VW bus named Buttercup may just be the trend you’ll want to hitch your event wagon to! Watch for posts throughout the summer as we follow the adventures of Buttercup and the moments – and people – captured by the Hip Image photobooth team at Calgary’s events! 

Read about the Hip Image Photobooth on page 15 and 16 in the Trends + Tips section of our REFRESH issue HERE. Want to learn more? Contact Jo at

A photo speaks a thousand words, especially when it is branded and styled unique to your event, and instantly shared on social media! As an event planner, an important step in the planning process is figuring out what makes your event different and better yet, figuring out how you will get people talking about it.

Jo Williams and Monique de St. Croix, the owners of Hip Image, have the perfect solution, a 1972 Volkswagen cargo bus named Buttercup!


THE ADVENTURES OF A BUS NAMED BUTTERCUP : A Moments Magazine Q & A  with Jo from Hip Image by Kristy Archibald


MM – Tell us about Hip Image and what inspired you to start it.

HI – Hip Image is a high tech social digital photo booth, built into a vintage 1972 Volkswagen cargo bus that delivers a memorable and customized, experience unique to each event it pulls up to. Our inspiration came from the collaboration of three very established and growing trends within the Calgary events scene – traditional interactive photo booths, the rise in popularity of mobile trucks and the retro vintage movement. Buttercup brings a special nostalgic charm that enhances an event, making it visual and starting a conversation.



MM –  What unique qualities does the bus bring to an event?

HI – Hip Image presents each event with fresh, new creative ideas that are weaved into branded photos, beautiful prints, custom themes + props and a social sharing station that take the experience of your event to the next level.

  • Modern meets vintage: event patrons are drawn to the vintage character that the bus brings to an event, as it brings back memories while creating new ones with it’s modern technology and sharing abilities.
  • Creative + Interactive: bright colors, mixed with fun props and a unique atmosphere makes an event pop, and allows event patrons to interact with the bus in different ways, while bonding over the process.
  • A Digital Experience: the bus is equipped with a social sharing station + portable printer that has built in hashtags + messaging unique to the event, allowing users to leave with a hardcopy of their photos, while instantly share them on their social media feeds.
  • Inside + Outside: the bus will accommodate both inside and outside events. The unit is completely self-contained and for the most part, weather proof – no more worrying about sudden changes in weather, lighting or quality of photos.
  • Unique to your brand: Jo and Monique work very closely with event planners to create custom props, backdrops, graphics and branded logos + hashtags that work to tell a story that is personalized to fit your event. The goal is to adapt the bus be part of the experience and embody the look and feel of the event, so that it is not merely a prop in the corner.



MM – What are some tips for planners wanting to book Hip Image for their event?

HI – Here are a few things to remember …

  • Book an initial meeting to see if Hip Image is a good fit for your event.
  • Give us your branding + theme so we can work with you to style a photo booth that accurately represents your brand.
  • The physical bus is very adaptable so think of how you can use this to your advantage.
  • Be different and creative – this is how you are going to make your event standout and get talked about.
  • Come up with a unique hashtag – this is a good way for your event to get noticed in person and on social media
  • What images + graphics can be made into props – don’t be afraid to stretch the boundaries of tradition.
  • Create a space for the truck in your layout that is accommodating and will allow the truck to bring something to the event.
  • If your event is indoors ensure there is an industrial entrance + elevator to transport the truck inside.
  • If your event is outside think strategically where the bus will fit – by the curb is sometimes not your best bet.
  • The bus has a 6-hour generator so if the event is longer than this it will need to be plugged in.


MM – What are all the services that Hip Image offers?wedding-7903

HI – We offer stationary vintage pop-up photo booth’s in collaboration with Orange Trunk, a roaming photographer and green screens, all containing a social sharing station. New to our fleet this year is a brand new vintage Boler Trailer that will allow us to set up for events the night before and work two events at the same time.


MM – What type of events have you done so far with the bus?

HI – Since the beginning of Hip Image and the long painful process of restoring Buttercup we have done 30 different events around Calgary. Some different events we have been a part of are Honens Hullabaloo 1970s New Yorks at Telus Spark, East Village Opening, Beakerhead, Marda Gras, The Wedding Expo and a variety of Stampede, Christmas, Canada Day and Birthday Parties.


Contact Jo to book Buttercup for your summer event!



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